In Chapter 16 of Nicholas Nickleby, Mr Gregsbury is supposed to have a “Gammon tendency”. He is “a tough, burly, thick-headed gentleman with a loud voice, a pompous manner, a tolerable command of sentences with no meaning in them, and, in short, every requisite for a very good Member.” He is an MP, and at this point […]

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More Lear limerick drawings

Incredibly talented blogger, artist and animator- I saw his work on Lucy Worsley’s programme British History’s Biggest Fibs on BBC4 this week and next and chased him up on the internet. Not only is he on the BBC, he also writes a very extensive blog, is involved in rap (RUSSIAN rap!) and illustrates his blog too. I have copied a good deal of what he is writing and hope he is generous enough not to be worried about copyright! This is about praise and promotion! The man rocks!


Lear wrote 212 limericks.   The Dong with the luminous nose is not strictly a limerick- A poster for our exhibition in Wolfson, Oxford showing the owl and pussycat posingfor passports before e…

Source: More Lear limerick drawings

Sir Isaac Newton

the apple guy in Cambridge- the tree looks small because it is not the original btw!

Like the great Margaret Thatcher, Isaac Newton hails from Grantham in Lincolnshire, or as near as damn-it! The anniversary of his birthday is tomorrow (corrected to the Georgian* calendar which was not used in England until 1752) so here is a picture of the great man with obligatory apple. His mother, Hannah Ascough, I presume, is somehow linked to my primary school Ascoughfee hall in Spalding, a place in my day full of gorgeous stuffed birds and rather severe ballet teachers. One of its subsequent owners, a man called Johnson, founded the Gentleman’s society in 1710 which is one of the oldest antiquarian societies in existence and Isaac Newton was a member along with Alexander Pope, John Gay, Tennyson and George Gilbert Scott.

*this should read Gregorian of course! (thanks Chris Oakley!! grin)

Ascoughfee hall features a war memorial designed by Lutyens and I remember playing around it when I was very…

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